Metalsmith Quarterly

Congratulations to our very own Pieter Mass for making the cover of the latest edition of Metalsmith Quarterly.



Thanks to all who stopped by

As a group we truly appreciate all of the support and encouragement.   We hope you had a great time and enjoyed the event.   Please continue to follow us here and elsewhere online for news on any future events.

We would also like to announce Grace Sheely as the winner of the drawing for the original work of art “Good Girl” by Melissa Moore.

Paphiopedilum Hsinying Alien

English botanical watercolor technique starts by applying layers of transparent washes, with a very small brush. Then moving into dry brush technique to continue to build up colors and form.Orchids are a great subject to study and paint because they stay nice as time goes by in the botanical painting process.

I took lots of pictures when I started six weeks ago. These are to use as reference material because the flower changed with time.Watercolor palette, using the “skins”of the watercolor paint. And paint brushes.

Only thing left for me to do…….my signature!

White Pine Tree

As I start my new art project I would like to share my process with you.

Here are Dean and I in search of the perfect tree bough and pine cone for my painting.

Next step drawing pine bough and pine cone. Drawing is lightly traced on 300 lb fabriano artistico watercolor paper. I like my pencils lined up like surgical tools.

To be continued. Painting process to be shared.

But I also want to share paintings of trees.

The Red Tree Piet Mondrian

The Grey Tree Piet Mondrian

Farmhouse With Birch Trees Gustav Klimet

There are many interesting and different approaches to trees as art.

Create More

It’s always interesting to me how others view my work in comparison to how I see it…or rather how I think my process is working for me in regards to the outcome.  A friend of mine just recently shared a clip of Ira Glass. It resonated with me.   I’ve had many gaps in my years as an artist.   I wish someone had told me earlier that those phases are normal and do not define my creative process or art. The best way to have your potential meet up with your ideas is to create more not less.  It was encouraging to hear keep on, push through and you will get to that elevated place you desire.

Ira Glass